Volume 1 Issue 10

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Formulation, Characterization and Evaluation of Herbal Extracts Loaded Microspheres against Ovarian Cancer

Research Article
Ovarian cancer is the most life threatening disorder prevailing at a higher rate among the females in India. The drug regimen available is not sufficient enough to combat the disease. Traditionally, herbal drugs have shown promising effects in treating severe complications of this disease.

Low Invasive and Accurate Esophageal Varices Using the PL-14 Splenic Hardness and its Management

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Esophageal varices develop as a consequence of malignant hypertension in patients with chronic disease and square measure gift in or so five hundredth of patients with liver disease of the liver. The grade of muscular structure varices usually correlates with the severity of disease. whereas or so eighty fifth of people with Child-Pugh C liver disease have varices, they're gift in mere forty fifth those with Child-Pugh A liver disease...

The Selection of X-Ray Machines in Orthopedic Surgery?

Short Communication
Information from fifty patients were collected, United Nations agency had orthopaedic trauma surgery involving X-ray radiology. All patients were interviewed post-operatively. The aim of the study was to search out out what patients thought of orthopaedic trauma surgery, the radiation concerned, and their considerations post-trauma surgery. Were they given info concerning the procedures? Did the surgery follow the Department of Health, Great Britain guidelines? that's, consent ought to learn, etc. Results showed that almost all...

A Single Institution Experience of Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery Efficacy in Systemic Nodal Dissection

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Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery ablation are often outlined as ablation performed entirely below monitor-vision while not rib spreading. it's going to be distinguished from 'minithoracotomy with video-assistance,' during which surgery is performed below direct vision via minithoracotomy mistreatment thoracoscopic illumination. 'Hybrid' VATS ablation differs from 'complete' VATS ablation in this a rib spreader is employed in hybrid VATS ablation. A similar medicine principles that area unit applied to open-thoracotomy ablation, like complete anatomic operationwith negative operation...