Volume 1 Issue 3

Issue 3 Articles

A Split-Cotton Roll Technique – An Adjunct to Intraoral Dental Radiography

Short Communication
Intraoral periapical radiograph plays a pivotal role in diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of postoperative healing of the patient. Irritation, pain and rigidity of IOPA films or intra-oral sensor are the demerits of intraoral radiography, especially when used for posterior teeth radiographs. To reduce the pain or irritation; split-cotton roll technique can be used effectively with its added advantage of isolation. This technique can be used universally with regular IOPA films or with digital sensors to...

Inverted Meckel’s Diverticulum: A Rare Cause of Chronic Anaemia

Case Report
Meckel’s diverticulum (MD) are vestigial remnants of the omphalomesenteric duct found in the ileum in 1-2% of people. Rarely, MD can become inverted into the lumen of the small bowel and be a cause of anemia, intussusception, and abdominal pain. The radiological appearance of an inverted MD is similar to that of a submucosal lipoma or pedunculated polyp. The non-specific clinical and imaging features of an inverted MD make definitive pre-operative diagnosis difficult, and as...

Sarcoidosis Presenting As Tongue Ulcer

Clinical Image
Oral sarcoidosis is a rare entity. Scroff in 1942 reported first case of oral involvement in a patient with sarcoidosis. Oral manifestations are usually seen in known cases of generalized sarcoidosis. Rarely, like in the present case, oral involvement may be the first or only presentation of the disease. A 58 year old male presented in the otorhinolaryngology outpatient department with persistent nonhealing tongue ulcer. Patient had difficulty in eating and there was documented weight...

Unusual Cause of Limb Ischemia- A Case of Bilateral Persistent Sciatic Artery

Short Report
Persistent sciatic artery is an uncommon entity with potential disastrous and debilitating consequences. It can cause limb ischemia besides the most common complication of aneurysmal degeneration. 1.2. Method We present a case report of a healthy, physically fit young male patient with disabling limb claudication secondary to a critical occlusion in the right sided persistent sciatic artery.

Non Culture Melanocyte Transplant- A Novel Tool in the Armamentarium for Vitiligo

Clinical Report
Non culture melanocyte transplantation (NCMT) is a novel modification in the surgical management of vitiligo. Melanocytes are taken from a healthy skin area and are transferred as a cell suspension onto the depigmented patches. This procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure within 1-3 hours. A large area can be treated in a single operative session with a small piece of donor area skin viz. 10cm2 donor skin being sufficient to treat upto 100cm2...