Volume 2 Issue 3

Issue 3 Articles

Susac Syndrome in a Pre Puberal Femele: Rare Case

Research Article
Suac Syndrome is an autoimmune endotheliopathy with about 304 cases described until 2013. It charaterized by the triad of E-H-V (Encephalopathy, Hearing loss and Vision - branch retinal artery occlusions/BRAO [3]. The case report early-onset autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder in a pre-pubertal 12 year old girl innitialy presenting with behavioral and emotional manifestations , firstly treated as a psychiatric disorder reaching the correct diagnosis of Susac Syndrome after a careful MRI analysis checking for specific findings...

Which Aneurysm Ruptured?

Clinical Image
Intracranial aneurysms are high-pressure vascular lesions that may rupture and present with acute symptomatology that requires urgent surgical intervention. However, not all unruptured intracranial aneurysms must be treated. Thus, patients who present with diffuse subarachnoid hemorrhage in the presence of multiple intracranial aneurysms may require extensive analysis to determine the status and optimal management strategy for each aneurysm. In this clinical image, we illustrate the concept of post-hemorrhage spontaneous aneurysm thrombosis in the setting of...

The Scrutiny of Uniqueness and Pattern Examination of Lip Prints Amidst Himachali Population

Research Article
The physiological and behavioural characteristics of human being are used for personal identification, where about one of the most crucial physiological characteristic is lip print. Lip prints are unique patterns presents at the dermal surface of lips. The lips are lined with the vermillion border and further is characterised as lower and upper lip. Lip prints are thereby individual to each person as they are developed at the 6th week of intrauterine life. The study...

Traumatic Arterio-Venous Fistula between Right Hepatic Artery and the Right Hepatic Vein

Case Report
A 22 years old young man presented with pain abdomen and distension following a road traffic accident (vehicular accident) to a nearby hospital where after initial resuscitation, evaluation with ultrasound and contrast enhanced computed tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen, patient underwent exploratory laparotomy, evacuation of hematoma, cholecystectomy and the drainage of the peritoneal cavity. Laparotomy revealed hemoperitoneum, laceration and contusion of the right liver, and contused gall bladder, without any bowel injury.

The Carlson Bridge® Revolution

Research Article
In a brief historical review of dentistry, we know that attempts to attach or replace teeth to the natural dental structures of a human have been made from the Ages of Egyptian Pharos—fixed bridge work. Examples of human teeth with gold wires round about them wired to other teeth in the jaw give us an idea of the restorative attempt of Ancients. Paul Revere, famous American patriot silversmith, practiced dentistry in the 1770s. Dr. Revere...