Volume 3 Issue 4

Issue 4 Articles

Atypical Lymphocytes – Masquerade

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We report a case of a 23 year old female with history of fever and malaise since 3 days. We received her blood sample for complete blood count along with peripheral blood smear examination. The blood test showed leukocytosis 23,500 cells/uL, Hemoglobin- 12.2 gm/dl and Platelet count 1, 58,000/Ul. The peripheral blood examination showed marked lymphocytosis with presence of 24% atypical lymphocytes along with 46% lymphocytes and 30% Neutrophils. Based on the peripheral blood examination...

An Unusual Case of A Maxillary Sino Nasal Neuroendocrine Carcinoma

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It’s a 24 years old female patient who presented with rhinological burning pain evolving since 1 year. She didn’t consult until a blistering lesion filled half of the oral cavity. The initial biopsy of the tumor was interpreted as a round cell tumor process.

Successful Ercp for Hydatic Angiocholitis with Kystobiliary Fistula

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A 32 years old woman lastly operated for hepatic hydatic cyst and cholecystectomy, presented for jaundice, fever and right hypochondrium pain. Abdominal examination was showed tenderness of the right hypochondrium. Biological tests showed cholestasis with total bilirubin 123 and conjugated at 80 with elevated CRP (205) and cytolisis. Prothrombin time was normal. Abdominal ultrasound (Figure 1) and CT scan showed dilated bile duct stone with hydatic material inside as well as a cloisonned hydatid cyst...

An Unusual Course of Necrotizing Pneumonia Leading To Pneumonectomy in a Child

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A 13-year-old boy with a history of complicated pneumonia at the age of 20 months (Figure 1-A) managed with antibiotics and chest drainage presented with hemoptysis. Chest radiography showed multiple small, thin-walled cavities (Figure1-B). Chest scan showed massive necrosis of the left lung (C and D). Lung perfusion scan showed differential perfusion of left: right lungs to be 8:92 % (E and F). The patient underwent left pneumonectomy. Postoperative course was uneventful and the patient...

Kaposi-Juliusberg Syndrome Due to Zoster-Varicella Virus (VZV) Type Varicella in an Atopic Infant

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11-month-old male infant with a history of atopic dermatitis since the age of 3 months with poor compliance, an antecedent of varicella in the sister a week ago. Admitted to pediatric emergency departments for management of a generalized febrile rash with abrupt onset that started two days earlier. The dermatological examination had objectified a diffuse erythematous plaque surmounted by vesicles, umbilicated by place and some pustules (Figure 1A) predominant at the level of the upper...