Volume 3 Issue 5

Issue 5 Articles

Malignant Lymphoma of the Ileum Diagnosed with Trans-Fistula Biopsy

Clinical Image
A 55-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with watery diarrhea for two months. Physical examination was unremarkable. Biochemical parameters were normal. CA19-9 and CEA were within normal range, and soluble interleukin-2 receptor was slightly elevated. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography revealed the ileac tumor with cavity adjacent to the rectum [Figure 1]. Barium enema demonstrated rapid flow of contrast into the terminal ileum from the recto-ileac fistula. Colonoscopy showed a large ulceration with a fistula in...

Extensive Self-Induced Skin Lesions in a 15-Years-Old Girl and Successful Treatment with a Combined Laser Technique

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A 15 years old girl followed by our Neuropsychiatric Children Department for a borderline disorder and anorexia nervosa, presented with a 7 months history of multiple horizontal skin lesions with an erythematous-edematous appearance, almost localized on the lower legs. Closed to these more active recent lesions, linear atrophic and hypertrophic skin lesions were present without erythematous surface (Figure 1). The girl denied any self-harm, but parents referred she has started to cut herself and self-injury....

Do Mosaic Embryos have the Ability of Self-Correction?

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We present a film of a cleaving embryo from one to- two cells, with one cell hatching out from the zone pellucida, and thereafter their development into two blastocysts. The two blastocysts were separated and sent to a comprehensive molecular analysis (polymorphic markers and array-CGH), demonstrating identical twins. The embryo in the zona pellucid showed normal balanced chromosomal profile, while the embryo that was expelled from the zona pellucida showed unbalanced chromosomal profile. In the...

Fragmented QRS Complex is associated with the Left Ventricular Remodeling in Patients with ST-Elevation Acute Myocardial In- farction

Research Article
A total of 140 patients with AMI were enrolled. Accoridng to the presence of fQRS in presenting electrocardiogram. The patients were divided into fQRS group and NonfQRS group. Real-time three-dimensional echocardiograph parameters measured in-hospital and 6-month follow-up period were collected. The difference between two groups and the influencing factors of left ventricular remodeling were analyzed.

Beneficial Effect of Prolonged and Repeated Administration of Sodium Thiosulphate in a Patient Undergoing Dialysis Present- ing Recurrent Ulcers in the Lower Extremities

Case Report
We present a case of a female patient receiving dialysis with severe vascular calcification suffering from recurrent ulcers and treated with infusions of sodium thiosulphate three times per week over 9 months. Our results suggest the safety of the prolonged and repeated administration of STS, even in non-calciphylaxis related injuries.