Volume 4 Issue 3

Issue 3 Articles

Near-Complete Regression of Metastatic Typical Pulmonary Carcinoid After Five Month’s Treatment with Somatostatin Analog in a 29-Years-Old Male

Case Report
Typical pulmonary carcinoids are a rare form of neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) with a favorable outcome, whose treatment is still under evaluation for efficacy. We hereby report a case of a 29-years-old male who was diagnosed with typical pulmonary carcinoid after pulmonary lobectomy. In the follow-up PET-CT scan with 68Ga-DOTATOC, there was evidence of multiple uptake areas, configuring a metastatic disease. He began therapy with octreotide LAR (30 mg every 28 days). After five months, a...

Delivery Management in Maternal Varicella Peripartum Infection with Vulvar Lesions: A Case Report

Case Report
Maternal varicella near term carries the risk of neonatal varicella. Transmission is usually transplacental, cases of maternal genital lesions near delivery have never been described. 1.2. Case Presentation: Our patient presented at 36th week with primary varicella with vulvar vesicles. The day following the rash development she ruptured membranes. We decided for an urgent cesarean section and the newborn was not infected and did not present complications due to prematurity. VZV specific immunoglobulins were administered

Nicolau Syndrome Due to Benzathine Penicillin Injection: (A Case Report)

Case Report
Nicolau syndrome (NS) is a rare complication of intramuscular injections, which is manifested by pain, edema, and livedoid discoloration of the skin immediately after injection. The exact pathophysiology of it is unknown, butsome studies have given the causessuch as embolic vessel occlusion, sympathetic nerve stimulation, inflammation, or physical trauma. Here, we present a case of NS following penicillin Injection.

Sinonasal Inflammatory/Angitic Lesion Followed by Urothelial Carcin-oma. Incidental Concurrence, Heraldic Sign, Paraneoplastic Syndrome or Wrong Diagnosis? A Case Report

Case Report
The Authors report an interesting case of a 69-year-old female who presented with an acute left ocular swelling. Imaging revealed a sinonasal mass. Two biopsies and the surgical specimen were diagnosed as inflammatory, non-neoplastic disease. The ocular swelling relapsed and resolved twice and at the sinonasal level no evolution of the pathology was detected. In the meantime, her general conditions quickly deteriorated and after ten months a peritoneal carcinosis was found and a possible origin...

Food Allergy in School-Going Adolescents and Its Association with Depression in Karachi, Pakistan

Research Article
The aim of thisstudy wasto document food allergy in school going adolescents and its association with depression. 1.2.Methods: An observational cross-sectionalstudy was conducted from 2016 to 2018 in middle income schools of Karachi after receiving institutional review board approval of Karachi Medical and Dental College (ref:020/16). Students, male and female, with age range of 11 to 17 years, were included. Students who refused to fill questionnaire were excluded. Standardized Performa questionnaires were administered to all...